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What Every Company Needs: Free Criminal Background Checks For Employment.

The unemployment rate in the United States is at 8. 1% which is 12. 5 million citizens, as reported by US Bureau of Labor. Workers seek for job in the food services and drinking places wherein recently, 576,000 jobs were added. Those working in the human resources department conduct a background investigation on possible job candidates, especially those who are applying for a position of truth. These jobs are at hospitals, schools, transportation areas, business institutions, and government. Background check involves collecting and searching for the employee's commercial records, financial records and criminal records. Employers also look upon the individual's credit history, past working experience and criminal history. Background checks are used to assess the job candidate's character, qualifications, and skills. These records can also help in pinpointing potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons. Also, background checks are used in order to get a security clearance from the employer. These checks are also necessary for adoption, immigration, visa application, international travel, and licensing. Possible suspects in an undergoing criminal investigation can also be identified using these background checks. These can also be used for enhanced sentencing in criminal prosecutions. These checks are necessary to prevent possible problems and crimes in the future. They can be done by paying a small amount of money or by using free criminal background checks for employment. This would not cost employers much money and the reputation of the company in hiring efficient workers is maintained. Take for example, a babysitter is charged with criminal charges after abducting a toddler in Manhattan. If anyone is to hire again this babysitter, the crime can be done again and many toddlers could be in danger. Furthermore, this could taint the performance record of the agency through which the babysitter was hired. Companies make use of free criminal background checks for employment to view the individual's birth, marriage records, criminal records, sexual offender records, and trademark records. Details of the employee needed to conduct these checks are their name, date of birth, Social Security Number (SSN), country of origin and inhabitance. Nowadays, free criminal background checks for employment can be done online. Many websites offer free criminal background check which can view the criminal records of the individual.

In these databases, one can view possible arrests, convictions, misdemeanors, felony charges, sex offender charges, mug shots, criminal driving infractions, court and probation records. In the internet, the employer can also look for the individual's public criminal court case records by searching first on the clerk of courts where the person is currently residing in. The employer can also look upon the job candidate in the local sex offender registry with the aid of the clerk of courts. Criminal search results provided online are also categorized. These can be behavioral, business, drug & alcohol, sex related, theft & robbery, violent, and traffic. Websites offering free criminal background check can also provide maps via Google Maps where criminals reside. Due to the rapid development of technology, free criminal background checks for employment can also be done using mobile applications via iPhone, Android and Blackberry. This serves as convenience to those employers who need not to log-in at their laptops for conducting background check. Criminal records can be viewed online especially to those residing or were born in heavily populated cities such as in New York and Los Angeles. However, the information on these websites is not comprehensive and not updated. If the decision entails safety and faith, it is strongly suggested to write application to the state offices for conducting criminal check. In addition, some private companies offer viewing of criminal records by paying a nominal fee. Comprehensive checks must be conducted since records can vary from state to state. These websites gain their information from some states which have statewide repositories. The criminal history information on these repositories is updated by the municipal and country courts in the state. Some state maintain their repositories daily which makes their records accurate. In few states though, the updating of the statewide repository is voluntary, therefore making it inaccurate. Due to this problem, government agencies have their own repository such as of the National Crime Information Center. Compared to the websites offering free criminal background checks for employment, these agencies do not allow public access since information can be misused for fraud purposes. In Canada, certified criminal check requires full set of fingerprints, personal information and a written letter stating the reason for application.

Meanwhile, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) requires a written request from the state identification bureau, requesting federal agency or another authorized channeling agency. FBI authorized some private businesses, known as channelers, which receive fingerprint submission and needed information. The channelers also collect the associated fee(s), and electronically forward the data gathered to the FBI-Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Division. A national criminal history record check is directed and the individual can receive the electronic record check. Other criminal records can be found on government offices especially of those law enforcement agencies. In example, local police departments, sheriff's offices and specialty police agencies have their own internal records. If inquiry is on the state level, criminal records can be requested on state police, highway patrol, troopers, and correctional agencies. To maintain updated records, these agencies often share the databases with other agencies and typically, these are made available to the public. The Department of Correctional Services can provide criminal records and inform the public of the registered sex offenders. The agency can tell the public of the misdemeanors that offenders have conducted. However, some individuals are exempted from sharing their criminal records to the public. These are the juveniles and few adults who are qualified for non-disclosure of their information via expungement. This process of record sealing is done if the offender conducted the crime for the first time. In this action, the criminal record will be destroyed or unavailable to the federal repository. This is a civil request wherein the past incident shall be considered as if it never happened nor occurred. Expungement does not guarantee removal of criminal records but rather removal of records from general review. The past incident can still add up to the present convictions if the person is again charged. Free criminal background check or paid is necessary when hiring workers to ensure security and safety of both parties. Investigators or employers should, in turn, verify if the criminal records are valid. Quality of work should not be the sole basis of qualification but character as well. It is much better to be safe than sorry.

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